Student Gladiators

The Latin classes and the Junior Classical League at Greyfriars Classical Academy (along with teacher, Sherri Madden) recently staged a gladiator fight for the Logic-level students at Greyfriars Classical Tutorials.



The emperor (Natalie S.) was delivered to the arena on a golden chariot pulled by freshman Kamin B., accompanied by music provided by freshmen and sophomore Latin students.  After the emperor welcomed the spectators, the gladiators took their oaths to the emperor (“Hail, Caesar.  We who are about to die salute you”) and their gladiator oath (“I will endure to be burned, to be bound, to be beaten, and to be killed by the sword”).  Then the games began.


Jonathan T., the Retiarius (fights with net and trident), fought Henry T., the Celtic Secutor (fights with short-handled axe and oval shield), with Henry emerging victorious.  The crowd eagerly condemned Jonathan to a surprisingly “bloody” death.



Nathaniel M., the Murmillo (heavily armored, fights with large shield and gladius/sword) fought Matt T., the Thracian (fights with small buckler and a Greek copus, or curved sword).  Matt was victorious, but the crowd, unwilling to agree to a second bloody spectacle, refused to condemn Nathaniel to death.


The championship match was between Henry and Matt.  Everyone thought that all was lost for Matt when Henry felled him with the help of slippery grass, but Matt recovered the upper hand with a trick move that resulted in Henry’s defeat.  This time, about half the crowd called for Henry’s execution and half called for mercy.  The emperor gave him the thumbs down, and Henry was condemned.



Hannah, the governor, gave a short lesson after the fight about the Christian persecution that was bound up with gladiator fights in ancient Rome.

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  1. Michelle

    What a creative way to enjoy history! Nicely done!

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