Senior Thesis Presentations

The public is invited to observe as this year’s eight graduating seniors present their senior thesis projects Monday and Tuesday evenings, May 8 & 9, starting at 6:30 p.m. in the main building of Matthews Orthodox Presbyterian Church, 2701 Rice. Rd., Matthews, NC.  A light reception will follow the presentations both evenings. The schedule of students and their thesis statements can be found at the bottom of this post.

The twelfth-grade senior thesis project at Greyfriars represents the culminating effort of the classical education process, building upon the artistic and literary foundation of earlier years while using the skills of logic and rhetoric. This intensive assignment requires each student, with all needed guidance given, to select, research, write, and defend a thesis statement. To accomplish this task, students work not only with their teacher, Mr. Nathan Johnson, but also with an advisor who helps the student to discuss, organize, and broaden arguments.  However, the paper and defense is an individual effort that requires much more work than the average writing assignment.

The senior thesis class at Greyfriars has in the view the following objectives for students, among other aims:

  1. To gain experience in academic research methods (note taking, outlining, citations, etc)
  2. To gain experience in the skills of composition (drafting, revising, editing, etc)
  3. To gain the skill of effective refutation in any given argument
  4. To successfully defend an extensive thesis in front of an audience, with poise and confidence

Monday, May 8

Charlie King
UAV Warfare: Obama’s Misuse of UAV in the Middle East

Thesis: The CIA and Obama Administration’s use of UAV in targeted strikes falls outside the bounds of both ethical and legal constraints, as shown by their attempts to redefine legal and ethical terms.

Mary Hudson King
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: The Encroaching Power of the Supreme Court on American Liberties

Thesis: The Supreme Court, originally designed to protect the Constitutional rights of American citizens, namely life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, now hampers those individual citizens’ liberties, as well as the rights of the states, by exercising far more power than the Constitution originally approved it to wield in our trifold government system.

Paul Lawing
From the Industrial Revolution to the Robot Revolution: The Impact of Robots on Jobs in the United States

Thesis: With the rising number of robots and machines, the reality is that robots will take away many jobs in the near future. It is important to understand what jobs will be taken away and when, so that we prepare our workforce through education for jobs that will be irreplaceable.

Allie Trice
“Legion, For We Are Many”: Why Christians Lack a Healthy Awareness of and Strategy against Demons

Thesis: Modern, Western Christians as a whole and even Protestant and Reformed Christians today, as a whole, do not think, talk, or pray about the demonic forces in a way consistent with a Biblical worldview because they are entrenched in Enlightenment thought hidden by Reformed convictions.

Tuesday, May 9

Scott Milvain
Watching with 10,000 Eyes: A Reasoned Argument Against the Adoption of Self- Driving Cars

Thesis: Self-driving cars enable surveillance in the same way that our phones compromise our privacy and they impact our lives negatively so they should be completely disallowed.

Rebekah Vaughn
What Will Your Food Do To You?

Thesis: While most diseases are declining in the number of diagnoses, food and brain allergies continue to rise, without a successful treatment. The FDA should, therefore, eliminate processed foods in order to stop the rise of food and brain allergies.

Erin Cheney
Contagion: An Essay Addressing the Dangers of Americans Rejecting Vaccines and Why It Is Inconsiderate to Third World Countries

Thesis: The citizens of the United States should not reject vaccines because to do so is both immoral and consequential; moreover, choosing vaccination becomes imperative when third-world citizens, suffering acutely from a lack of developed healthcare, are considered.

Lydia Mead
The Line Between Us: An Argument for What Makes Us Human

Thesis: While science can tell us a great deal about whether or not a species should be considered Homo, the ultimate determination of humanity must be informed by a consideration of the image of God from Scripture.

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