Two Greyfriars seniors, Austin Bordeaux and Olivia Fillmer, are members of Yeti, a FIRST Robotics Competition team that meets at CPCC in Charlotte. Austin is currently serving as Vice President of CAD (Computer Aided Design) and is completing his 5th year. Austin is instrumental in using CAD software to design the team’s new robot, “FrostByte.”

In her second year and serving as Mechanical Team Lead, Olivia uses a machine to cut metal for the robot according to the specifications of the CAD design. Both students will soon travel with their team and robot to compete against other Robotics teams in Perry, Georgia and Raleigh, NC. The competition theme this year is “Recycle Rush” in which the robots earn points by stacking recycled totes and bins as demonstrated in the “Robot Reveal Video” above.

Both Austin and Olivia have been accepted into the Engineering College at North Carolina State University in the fall of 2015 and plan to become future Mechanical Engineers.


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  1. Christy Bordeaux

    We are so proud of Olivia and Austin. They have both worked many, long hours with their robotics team, and are on their way to Georgia now. Attending GCA has been even more wonderful, educationally and socially, than we expected for Austin, and I know he will miss the staff, students and his favorite Headmaster, Mr. McGowan (AKA Dumbledore, as he is known around our house) Thank you for sharing YETI news on the blog!

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