Beyond the Classroom: American History


During October the GCA senior class went on an extended field trip to Virginia and Pennsylvania, visiting historical sites in the cities of Petersburg, Philadelphia,  Richmond and Charlottesville. On this exciting tour of some of the America’s most important artifacts and places, the Class of 2016 was accompanied by their history teacher, Pamela Mullins, and by parent Martha Snyder.  During this trip, the seniors were able to see Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Appomattox Courthouse and many other historical places.  The trip was not all just history; the seniors enjoyed a lot of quality time with each other, including having Cheesesteaks in Philadelphia.  This was a great trip for the seniors to be able to see firsthand where some of the pivotal events of American History took place, as their class learns more about our country. [Post contributed by Megan Snyder]


In front of Jefferson’s Monticello

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