Greyfriars Classical Academy

Tuition & Fees for 2018–2019

Application fee*
 (full-time and part-time): $100 (if applying by January 31, 2018; $150 if after that date)
[*waived for new families with students applying to grades 10-12, until May 4, 2018]

Registration is the first step in enrollment after your child has been accepted, and reserves your class seats until the next payment. Registration includes lab and activity fees.

Full-time Registration Deposit:    $450 (if paid by February 28, 2018; $675 if after that date)
Full-time Final Registration Fee: $650 (if paid by May 4, 2018; $975 if after that date)

Part-time Registration Deposit**:    $50 per course (if paid by March 31, 2018; $75 per course if after that date)
[**waived for new families for the first two courses until March 31, 2018]
Part-time Final Registration Fee: $150 per course (if paid by May 4, 2018; $200 per course if after that date)

See the registration form for more detailed information (look under the “Documents” tab above).

Full-time Tuition: $3,725 per year, payable via a monthly or semi-annual payment plan (see registration form).

Part-time Tuition:

Credit Hours     Total Tuition
0.5     $225
1.0     $580
1.5     $870
2.0     $1,160
2.5     $1,460
3.0     $1,860
3.5     $2,460
4.0     $3,060
4.5+     $3,725







Maximum tuition + fees for families who apply, register and pay tuition before the applicable deadlines: $4,925 (includes application fee for new families).  Otherwise, maximum tuition is $3,725, but there is no maximum on fees.

The full refund policy is available at: