The Vision of Greyfriars Classical Academy

The Goal

Psalm 127:4-5 says that children are “like arrows in the hand of a warrior,” and “happy is the man who has his quiver full of them.” The warrior for Christ is happy to have a quiver full of arrows because he knows that arrows are meant to be shot into the world, to bring down enemies of the faith, and to advance the cause of the gospel. Sharp, straight arrows are essential to the warrior’s mission to protect and expand the dominion of his King. It is the duty of Christian parents to craft their children into such fine arrows, and this process requires skill, time, and educational excellence.

The Problem

To achieve educational excellence, many parents have chosen an alternative path of home educating. The homeschool ranks continue to grow and to report great success in academics and kingdom usefulness. But, home educating is hard work, and for many the struggle intensifies as their children transition into high school. Higher grade levels demand increased teacher specialization, time commitment, and focus. An environment with little or no peer interaction can hamper the development of rhetorical skills (the ability to present ideas and arguments forcefully and persuasively). On-line courses and co-operative groups can be utilized to overcome some of these obstacles, but the logistical challenges associated with this approach can be overwhelming, particularly for large families.

The Solution

A classical, Christian high school that bridges the gap between home school and college could be the solution to the problem faced by many families. Greyfriars Classical Academy, a classical, Christian high school in Matthews, NC, provides students with a classical education in which the grammar (fundamental facts and rules), logic (ordered relationships), and rhetoric (expression of ideas in speech and writing) of each subject is emphasized from a decidedly biblical worldview. The high school curriculum is academically rigorous and consistent with North Carolina standards and college preparatory requirements. Greyfriars¬†offers classes in a university-style format (three days a week on campus; two days a week working at home). The Academy is overseen by a Board who has hired highly qualified staff, including a full-time headmaster. Greyfriars began in August 2009 and has, by God’s grace, graduated four¬†seniors classes as of May 2016.