Greyfriars Classical Academy’s Name


greyfriars classical academy private school charlotte matthews christianGreyfriars Kirk was theĀ first church built in Edinburgh, Scotland, after the Protestant Reformation. In 1638, at a time of great national trial, Greyfriars Kirk was the place where the country came together to sign “The National Covenant.” There they pledged themselves to God and to each other to defend and maintain the true Christian religion.

In years to come, thousands of men, women, and children were imprisoned in Greyfriars churchyard because they refused to accept any king but Christ as head of the church. Many sealed their courageous testimony with their blood.

A monument remains there today in memory of the 18,000 faithful Covenanters who suffered persecution. “Greyfriars” is a fitting symbol of the cause of Christ’s kingdom and covenant in the earth, and of our devotion to it. Learn more by visiting theĀ Greyfriars Kirk website.