Articles for the Month of December 2014

Honor Society Service Project

Greyfriars Classical Academy Honor Society students at service project

Honor Society students at leaf-raking service project

Guest post by Caitlin Lambert and Celina McGowan (11th-grade Greyfriars students)

After school on November 19, the GCA honor society spent an hour and a half raking leaves for two older people.  The ten Greyfriars students first headed over to Mr. Johnson’s house (we had asked him beforehand if he would let us rake).  Forty-five minutes and eleven trash bags later, we were finished raking his yard.  Two students went to talk to him to let him know we were done, and to make sure he was OK with us leaving the bags by the street.  He kindly thanked us, asking how much he owed our group.

“Nothing,” we said, “we’re not charging anything.”  Hardly believing us, he asked if there was something else he could do to pay us, but we let him know that we were part of our school’s honor society and were raking leaves as a service project.